1. Walther

    Rate Ogre Roman Emperor Maximinus Thrax. He was described to be 8.5 feet tall (probably exaggerated height, i think 6'6-7ft tall). Average roman male height was 5'4-5'7. Height requirement for joining roman legion was >=5'7. Even if he was 6'6, he would have towered above EVERYONE. But...
  2. DOggo

    Looksmax i will take you gf

    @hazzy i will take your gf.
  3. DOggo

    Looksmax My goodbyes.

    This forum has done nothing but bring me down as a person. everyday i come in here and all you do is tear me down insult me hurt me with your words and do nothing but harm me emotionally physically mentally and I just can’t take it any longer this forum is so abusive and toxic it’s crazy. no one...
  4. Anstrum

    Slayer Biggest mediterranean king chad on this forum

    :bean: Dark triad manipulative thicknecked tall wide framed nordwood0 long term strategist harem collector psychopath high testosterone jailbaitslayer mediterranean dark lookz robust gigachad Little is known about this mysterious chad user, but what we know now is confirming that "he is...


    GO MILITARY SIGN 4 YEAR CONTRACT GET OUT WITH >=50K IF UR SMART YOU CAN SAVE ALOT GET PLASTIC SURGERY badda bing badda boom ez baybee onlyfans is another option BUT keep in mind it will be on ur permanent resume if ur smart learn stocks or crypto instead however i am 60iq spergecel will...
  6. Dard e Dil

    BBC Rate this Pakistani mogger

  7. Inkywinkyincel

    Red Pill 200 posts in like 4 hours. I am the best user on this forum. I mog you all.

  8. brocode

    Theory 3 common types of Moggers I've noticed (and how you can be them too) [Detailed Post]

    I will format this thread in such a way that you can just click on the quotes to expand the text and so as to not clog up. I will lay out the Mogger type first, then give a gist of Who it is ideal for, give my Theory on it with an example, and finally tell you the basic outline on how to be one...
  9. brocode

    Black Pill Which react mogs: banderas or wow/situation?

    I like both and I can't decide
  10. brocode

    Black Pill Thoughts on my new custom title?

    under my username