1. B

    Rate me and this dude how badly am I mogged?

    Give me a rating for this dude and how badly he mogs me?
  2. auxlea

    Thoughts on JBC(Just Be Curry)Theory?

    A lot of these Deathnik men have peanut skill and Giga-recessed jaw, shitskin, shit eyearea. Most of you will tell all these sub3s to rope if they posted here, yet countless images of curries with 4-6s on the video. They're not even gym-maxxed IRL check?
  3. commie


    i like to go outside to get mogged the humiliation fuels me
  4. Inkywinkyincel

    Red Pill 200 posts in like 4 hours. I am the best user on this forum. I mog you all.

  5. compactfaces

    Can anyone mog guys like Shaq or Yao Ming?

    Shaquile O'Neal is about 7'2 and Yao Ming 7'6 so every male model will look like a child standing next to him. Just look at these pictures
  6. compactfaces

    Will a 5'9 chico still mog taller guys?

    I am 16 and kind of look like chico but only about 5'9. Will I still mog taller guys?