1. brocode

    Black Pill Predict who you think will get mod

    List 3 Users who you think will get mod or have a good chance of getting modded.
  2. brocode

    Black Pill @mods wtf how is this possible

    @retrudedmaxiIIa @retrudedmaxilIa @retrudedmaxilla HOW?? :situation:
  3. pretty_boy

    Red Pill Ranked list of lookism mods in terms of post-quality [2020 edition]

    Bear in mind all mods are decent posters and good at moderating, but on LOOKISM.NET After Hours we like to have fun. Starting from the bottom (lowest post quality), we have: TheLiechtensteiner: doesn't post much, just gives blue pilled advice. probably the one who pins all the bad threads...