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    Rate my jaw side view

    I’ve already been told about my maxilla but I genuinely believe my jaw is actually sub tier as well. I’ve had users say my jaw was decent or good. It when doing chin tuck it looks cuck like and horrid. Am I coping to think I’ve got an even decent jaw or is chin tuck showing me a truth I’m in...
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    Looksmax Need help identifying how Kybella can improve my facial fat @Surgeymax

    Hello so after reading @Surgerymax ’s guide Addressing Facial Fat and Defining Fat Pads and Regions: https://lookism.net/threads/addressing-facial-fat-and-defining-fat-pads-and-regions.397277/ I have decided to get Kybella to address my overly full midface. The medspa I’d be going to is...
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    Weight loss possibilities and convo with PS

    So I went to a plastic surgeon Over the weekend. She recommended fillers in the zygomatic areas and or a chin and jaw aimed plan. I’m still in the process of setting up a MMA maxillary Mandi ulnar advancement procedure but I was wondering if this is a decent alternative. Also I was wondering...
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    Double jaw surgery need advice

    I’ve posted here before. Latest update is that I’ve got insurance ready for the MMA double jaw surgery it will take a while for everything to set up but I’m supposed to get scans and start the process next Monday. I’m worried about getting cold feet about the whole thing. I need advice on...
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    Maxilla and midface problems

    I’m posting this because my profile is apparently shit. If anyone can tell me how bad my maxilla is I’d appreciate it. I know I’m tilting and got beard and shit but it shouldn’t hide how bad things are. Im also posting an even worse pic below this one from a year or two ago I haven’t done...