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    Weight loss possibilities and convo with PS

    So I went to a plastic surgeon Over the weekend. She recommended fillers in the zygomatic areas and or a chin and jaw aimed plan. I’m still in the process of setting up a MMA maxillary Mandi ulnar advancement procedure but I was wondering if this is a decent alternative. Also I was wondering...
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    Double jaw surgery need advice

    I’ve posted here before. Latest update is that I’ve got insurance ready for the MMA double jaw surgery it will take a while for everything to set up but I’m supposed to get scans and start the process next Monday. I’m worried about getting cold feet about the whole thing. I need advice on...
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    Maxilla and midface problems

    I’m posting this because my profile is apparently shit. If anyone can tell me how bad my maxilla is I’d appreciate it. I know I’m tilting and got beard and shit but it shouldn’t hide how bad things are. Im also posting an even worse pic below this one from a year or two ago I haven’t done...