midface hypoplasia

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    I am low body fat and still ugly

    I’m reposting some pics from the last few days. Only one is cherry picked . In the past I’ve been told that I need to be low body fat in order for a true rating yet I just went to the gym today and they ran a test machine that said I have a 6.8% body fat. My face still looks fat my only reason...
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    Can anyone morph me with fillers?

    I've been given morphs from here before for a bimax but I want to know if anyone can morph me with fillers, bascially they would be fat grafts to my mid face and upper maxilla and zygote area but my lower third and jaw would stay the same. I'm looking into this because I've been getting...
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    Arnette Gunson results

    I'm getting a consult with arnette gunson in July and I've been looking at some of their work. My concern is that some of the results while good on the jaw seem underwhelming, or rather the subject still looks ugly in the after even though they are improved. Could anyone give me my odds of...
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    Double jaw surgery need advice

    I’ve posted here before. Latest update is that I’ve got insurance ready for the MMA double jaw surgery it will take a while for everything to set up but I’m supposed to get scans and start the process next Monday. I’m worried about getting cold feet about the whole thing. I need advice on...