1. FACEandDnB


    Results Growing patients have seen 'more than 8mm of protraction in many cases' Non-growing patients had 'around 3mm of protraction' (to my knowledge, growing means anywhere up to when the sutures fuse which is around 20-25) At what stage should I be wearing the facemask? 'Protraction is...
  2. B

    Maxillomandibulary Advancement

    So I got a consultation with another dental surgeon and he recommended mma. I’ve posted pics before and the retruded maxilla has been a constant comment on my pics. I’m looking for advice regarding if this sounded like the right choice for me and what results I can expect or what I should be...
  3. B

    Morph experiment idea?

    So I’m still new with all this but I have any of you ever thought about doing anti morphs? Like take a good looking guy and morph his picture with different flaws. It would just be for fun or whatever. Also maybe would help people see Similarities between themselves and the ideals when you...
  4. B

    Maxilla and midface problems

    I’m posting this because my profile is apparently shit. If anyone can tell me how bad my maxilla is I’d appreciate it. I know I’m tilting and got beard and shit but it shouldn’t hide how bad things are. Im also posting an even worse pic below this one from a year or two ago I haven’t done...
  5. PorkiChincelAspie

    Red Pill Is PSL a cope?(Pokimane)

    Someone fucking explain to me,,,,, why tf is pokimane still good looking despite having a retruded maxilla, jew/downturned nose, and severe lip incompetence making her chin look recessed as shit???????? Slight mandibular recession can be given a pass if one has a concave philtrum(females), but...