massive cope

  1. Anstrum

    Slayer My pullup game is improving

    :shock:Every few days outside I only get better at it, I impressed myself even, feels good :smile: (y) Cold weather for this stuff tho @Bull @misterstabone @gaytard @foreheadman @AmbalasBacia @BEBE @Sweetpotato @Sexy Grandma @TheRiddler @averyfriendlydoctor @uglysmile previous thread...
  2. Cunt.

    Ethnic is currymaxing a legit option for whitecels

    go to northern india find a lightskin indian with aryan blood marry her, requiring her families consent and that you have a good income (very traditional values) probably wont get cucked, adulterers get beheaded in india, and being white surrounded by shitskins there is no one to mog you you're...
  3. colto3546

    Black Pill A Gymcells Final Cope

    After a Frail Asian man Realized his true genetic potential as a lifter, he decides to commit one final cope. They call him "COMMANDER SOY BOY, and this is his story: Videos autistic ngl, but a documentary's a documentary.
  4. R

    Blue Pill #MeTooPropecia

    Failed fin users have decided to cope-post on social media. :lmfao: What's the name of a male Karen for crying about an informed consent clinic doing there job and referring them to their actual doctor? I'm calling them Norwood Norberts for now on. You...
  5. Priminarch

    LOL Why I love cope reacts.

    Yes....yyyesss... give me the alerts...
  6. Anstrum

    Blue Pill This forums people look life very negatively, you will make it, don't stop believing

    :cage: :cage: :cage: :cage:
  7. goron black

    Normies are so delulded JFL

    They are all contemplating at this morph of Kim-Jong-Un saying how "handsome we would be" Imagine being so deluded and having a coping mecanism so strong you think a face 25% narrowwer and 30% smaller would look better on a male
  8. D

    Aspie When the coping is too strong