1. B

    Months gone no progress. Don’t know what else I can be doing

    So I’ve been trying to get bimax according to advice I’ve gotten here and other place. So far I’m still no closer and my plan is to start a high priced insurance program next month to cover it. Meanwhile someone was telling me that a bimax would ‘look autistic on you. You’ll look like a chimp...
  2. B

    I wanna smash my face with a hammer

    I can't stand the flaws anymore. I thought I would be happy just waiting and then going up in points after jaw surgery but right now I think even that is hopeless. I'm getting feedback that my eye area sucks now and that there's no way to fix it. I didn't have any insecurity about my looks...
  3. B

    Orbital Rim Implants

    I got told that I should look into getting orbital implants after my upcoming jaw surgery. I wanted some thoughts on whether it would be worth it, what i should look or ask a plastic surgeon about. Pics below thanks
  4. Kyff

    When I was 19 I got my mandible cut and it made me look like a tranny...

    Repost from Rateme thread, dont know if its better to post here. So a short introduction, Im 25 now and had orthodontics since I was 9 years old all the way up to 18. Then I still had an underbite so my dentist advised jaw surgery. I was 19 and had no idea about jaw surgeries, the different...