1. paj069

    [Rate] Rate me

    Hello community I need honest opinion on my looks. I attaching many pictures for best opinion
  2. P

    [Looksmax] SARMS @ 17 Best Bulk Stack

    Hey guys, I'll cut to the chase. Like all of us here, especially the younger guys, we all want to puberty max as hard as we can as it offers the most bang for your buck with the methods of looksmaxing we usually see on the forum. (Not to say you can't ascend after puberty, it will just take more...
  3. G

    What surgerys do i need?

    And say what psl im
  4. G

    [Looksmax] What surgerys do i need to be human?

    Currently im leanmaxxing, mewing and chewing like a sickcunt. Recently i groomed my thick eyebrows, what do you think? I cream my trashtier lips every night to get them more fluffy.
  5. AgNaCl

    Final consensus on marquardt/golden ratio mask?

    What do you guys think of the marquardt/golden ratio mask, is it based or cringe? Is it a good idea to model your plastic surgery off this mask?
  6. AgNaCl

    Best lip surgeon

    Which surgeon is the best for lips? I read on a WMagazine article that it's Antoine Paraskevas but there are very few reviews of this dude on the internet and he really hasn't made a name for himself. Should I just let Eppley do it along with implants?
  7. B

    [Looksmax] The Ultimate Looksmaxxing Guide

  8. brocode

    [Looksmax] Beta-carotene vs Retin-A

    Read this on a archived lookism post (complete looksmaxxing for 4-7 psl) A few people I know recommended me to begin skinmaxxing with Retin-A but some online are saying to use Beta-Carotene Instead. what do you guys suggest and why?
  9. AgNaCl

    [White] The final nail in the coffin for Eppley deniers

    For those who still doubt Dr Barrey Eppley's abilities, here's proof that there is a targeted misinformation campaign against the man. Notice how the audio cuts out right when she is supposed to name the doctor who fucked her up. There are three more videos like this with 0 mention of Eppley on...