1. 9000peoplecalledmeugly

    How tf does one reduce scleral show?

    The whites of my eyes show so much in comparison to my iris and it makes me look like a fucking alien. In pictures they look even worse (see profile pic for reference). I don't want to scare people every time I look at them so is there a way to fix or at least reduce it? I've been told I look...
  2. prettyboy_bieber

    The difference a beard makes!! Im hideous with a beard, I am shockingly hideous without one. PICS.

    ------ ------ PICTURE ON TOP IS WITH BEARD. ON BOTTOM WITHOUT BEARD (dont know why i felt the need to point this out? duh?) I am ugly with a beard, I am hideous without a beard. That is the difference. Brutal. all weakness is shown when the beard is erased. all weakness and...
  3. prettyboy_bieber

    Can I achieve this side profile? I want to look like Justin Bieber. PICS INCLUDED.

    Over here the way his lower jaw and chin cascades forward into his face is beautiful. It has such a nice shape. Over here the vertical length his chin has seems perfect, but theres also no maxillary excess. The ramus follows nicely and the nose looks great in relation. Over here, these images...
  4. N

    What surgeries should I get based on these pictures?

    I believe I'm moderately attractive (maybe like 6 out of 10), but I think I can make small tweaks in the looks department, so I'm starting to talk to surgeons. Y'all have ideas? Here is my prioritized list so far (with lots of relevant details): 1. Chin implant. I'm thinking a chin that is on...
  5. xFury

    Looksmax It is so Obviously

    Mewing + puberty + missing out in gym Also im really proud of my eyes, so i want to show you how they look ARE THEY HUNTER OR JUST ALMOND SHAPED? I need to know
  6. J

    Theory The Real Norwood Scale by "Scholars of the Black Pill" with real-life examples ..Book of Isaiah supported [Original Content]

    Just take the Isaiah Pill, Bro Isaiah 3:24 Instead of fragrance there will be a stench; instead of a belt, a rope; instead ofstyled hair, baldness; instead of fine clothing,sackcloth; instead of beauty, shame. On the internet there are many charts floating around regarding Norwood that...
  7. Rabidcurry

    Looksmax My experience on bone-smashing, legit but not really

    I decided to give bone-smashing a try. Name is new, but the concept itself was not entirely foreign to me tbh. I regularly banged my forehead on my classroom desk as a kid for no apparent reason other than it felt good or I was bored. I don't rlly have a massive forehead or smth because of it...
  8. D

    Looksmax Rare Jamo/Neveragain photo of front profile

    A lot of people saying mewing is cope past puberty but Jamo started at 18 and finished his ascension around 4 years later. Also, people say he admitted to genioplasty but how does he look so natural in his final form? I found this photo on one of his last posts when his name was neveragain. If...
  9. Nochills

    Shitpost Perfect masculine face?

    Saw this chick on tik tok and I personally think she has the prettiest face on the planet. This pic might not convince you but check out her page and you’ll know what I mean. Got me thinking about what the male equivalent of this is. Whos the handsomest bloke u ever seen?
  10. prettyboy_bieber

    The importance of Justin Biebers maxilla and chin.

    CASE A: This is Bieber in 2015 in a video: This is Bieber in 2020 in the exact same style of video: Throughout those 5 years, he had depression, lyme disease, and wisdom teeth extraction, also completely gave up on his looks. CASE B: This is Bieber in 2010: This is Bieber...
  11. Nochills

    Looksmax Years of progress

    Some serious character development between these pics. Nowhere near done and still gotta lot of work to do brah
  12. prettyboy_bieber

    Does a Lefort 1/Maxillary advancement DJS make your midface look smaller as well?

    Does the advancement of the maxilla in a Lefort 1 and a rhinoplasty make the midface appear smaller? And more pushed upwards? Instead of flat and long? Maybe the lower jaw advancing as the upper advances also helps give off the illusion of a smaller midface? The nose coming forward as well?
  13. natetnom

    Rage Mewing is absolute bullshit

    Been mewing since I was 13.5, and now I’m 16, chin still recessed even with proper bite. Why do people still do this crap?
  14. auxlea

    ‘Incel’ busted for bomb threat, shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’ at NYC restaurant 4/15/2021

    https://nypost.com/2021/04/14/incel-malik-sanchez-busted-for-bomb-threat-at-nyc-restaurant/ . Harmless sanchez just preaching blackpill gets mogged by FBI Agent
  15. xFury

    Rate I'm gona regret this ... But I think I'm worthy of OP

    I'm 14, 180cm, born as Aries, and I was in *******, 1,5 days online. They've had there ratings and looks guides, so meanwhile I found this forum I'm cursed with cam distortion My coloring is above average, eye position and proportions are top tire, facial symmetry is top tire too. Fwhr...
  16. xFury

    Story I got my testosterone results and i dont understand a thing from what it means

    Recently got my testosterone results from having a blood testment (which i did cuz i wanted to know what my testosterone is for a 15 YO boy me), but it got me confused min 7,2ng/ml max 10.9 ng/ml avg 9 i was searchin in the web but everywhere is like 460 or 550, and itsnot like 1-10 ... Have...
  17. Y

    Most NT shoe ever made awards

    What shoes convey maximum NTness 2021

    Looksmax How much did kota spend on his surgeries?


    Looksmax Personal Looksmax Guide

  20. zitH

    Rate rate me, 19y old

    i was fucking ugly when young, at 16 i looked like a fucking disgusting incel (prob 4/10) today im 19 and after ALOT of looksmaxing (mewing, minox, collagen pills, grooming, gym, nosejob (rhinoplasty, i got for free LOL), etc i basically fuck any girl whenever i want (im not kidding lol) 2...
  21. chintuck22


    1. Implants * 2. Getting hair transplant * 3. Buccal fat removal * 4. MSE (Along with sarpe, marpe and any other shit) * 5. IMDO * 6. Zygomatic sandwich osteotomy * 7. bilateral orbital expansion * 8. Fillers 9. Orbital decompression 10. Canthoplasty 11...
  22. S

    Looksmax What type of nose surgery should I get (Pics inside )

    I live in Eu (France) What do you think, where shoud I get it ? and how much it will cost me 5k ? Do you think it will increase my Psl or is this delusionnal ?
  23. A

    Should I get behind-the-teeth lingual braces or not for jaw surgery?

    Wondering if I should go through the extra hassle of behind-the-teeth braces. I also have the option of having that so-called "invisible" braces thing too. Pic below: Anyway what do you think? Do lingual braces even matter during corona (when everyone's wearing masks)? Also do 23-35 year old...
  24. G

    Black Pill Rate especially eye area

    Do you think my ipd is that bad? Should i invest in green contacts?
  25. paj069

    Rate Rate me

    Hello community I need honest opinion on my looks. I attaching many pictures for best opinion
  26. P

    Looksmax SARMS @ 17 Best Bulk Stack

    Hey guys, I'll cut to the chase. Like all of us here, especially the younger guys, we all want to puberty max as hard as we can as it offers the most bang for your buck with the methods of looksmaxing we usually see on the forum. (Not to say you can't ascend after puberty, it will just take more...
  27. G

    What surgerys do i need?

    And say what psl im
  28. G

    Looksmax What surgerys do i need to be human?

    Currently im leanmaxxing, mewing and chewing like a sickcunt. Recently i groomed my thick eyebrows, what do you think? I cream my trashtier lips every night to get them more fluffy.
  29. AgNaCl

    Final consensus on marquardt/golden ratio mask?

    What do you guys think of the marquardt/golden ratio mask, is it based or cringe? Is it a good idea to model your plastic surgery off this mask?
  30. AgNaCl

    Best lip surgeon

    Which surgeon is the best for lips? I read on a WMagazine article that it's Antoine Paraskevas but there are very few reviews of this dude on the internet and he really hasn't made a name for himself. Should I just let Eppley do it along with implants?
  31. B

    Looksmax The Ultimate Looksmaxxing Guide

  32. brocode

    Looksmax Beta-carotene vs Retin-A

    Read this on a archived lookism post (complete looksmaxxing for 4-7 psl) A few people I know recommended me to begin skinmaxxing with Retin-A but some online are saying to use Beta-Carotene Instead. what do you guys suggest and why?
  33. AgNaCl

    White The final nail in the coffin for Eppley deniers

    For those who still doubt Dr Barrey Eppley's abilities, here's proof that there is a targeted misinformation campaign against the man. Notice how the audio cuts out right when she is supposed to name the doctor who fucked her up. There are three more videos like this with 0 mention of Eppley on...