1. prettyboy_bieber

    Can I have this side profile? I want to look like Justin Bieber. PICS INCLUDED.

    Over here the way his lower jaw and chin cascades forward into his face is beautiful. It has such a nice shape. Over here the vertical length his chin has seems perfect, but theres also no maxillary excess. The ramus follows nicely and the nose looks great in relation. Over here, these images...
  2. B

    Rate me just shaved and leaner body fat

    I just shaved, requirement for a job, and didn’t look like I expected. Give me a rating I dropped a lot of weight since I grew facial hair I do maybe that’s part of it. Also my maxilla is still on obviously atrocious but I’d still like thoughts for the front view and if my side can be saved by...
  3. B

    Would I be good looking if my maxilla wasn't recessed?

    I'm getting closer to the date for my consultation with Arnette and Gunson and I wanted some thoughts again as to how much my recessed maxilla is impacting me? I've never been treated as if I'm ugly and even been told I'm attractive before and been treated as such, but I still feel like my mid...
  4. B

    Advice on jaw implants

    So I’ve been sitting here thinking about something. The morph I’ve had that people think is super hot is basically a perfectly lit image of my face with better jawline and obviously eyes. Would it be worth it for me to focus on a dr Taban visit for eyes and wrap around jaw implants rather than...
  5. B

    I am low body fat and still ugly

    I’m reposting some pics from the last few days. Only one is cherry picked . In the past I’ve been told that I need to be low body fat in order for a true rating yet I just went to the gym today and they ran a test machine that said I have a 6.8% body fat. My face still looks fat my only reason...
  6. B

    Continuation of story from last week

    Inb4 brag because this has been a shit show. In a previous post I talked about a girl I met off an app and how she went cold after the first date even though we'd made out and she said i looked hot blah blah blah. Yesterday I talked to her and got the friendzone speech complete with 'you're a...
  7. B

    Frauded tinder pics

    I’ve been on tinder and hinge lately with pics that I put through the face app filter. It’s completely insane how my matches have been better since doing this. Thing is I forgot to change it and started going on dates hookups off the ‘fake’ pics. So far I’ve only had one girl even mention the...
  8. Anstrum

    Black Pill most brutal tool of truth

    you will realize the truth in 0.3 seconds :kick: :undisputedcry: :undisputedcry: It's over
  9. B

    Looks update

    I’ve been on a diet of 1300 calories a day for about a month now. I went from 182 to 171 lbs probably a lot of water weight but I’ve seen weight loss from my stomach etc. my face still in my opinion looks like shit. My iMac isn’t happening till I get insurance and on top of it I messed up a...
  10. S

    Is there a way to encrypt lock a website from browser so you arent able to take it off without redownloading browser

    Is there a way to encrypt lock a website from browser so you arent able to take it off without redownloading browser lock with a timer
  11. misterstabone

    Women like men who push through hardships

    As a guy you will face hardships and what men do when they see these is to push through these walls. However, Allah (the most gracious, the most merciful) did not create all men equal. He made looks the most important feature. I am very grateful to the almighty Allah! Although he made man...
  12. Limbo

    Black Pill How nature effects looks

    When you accept nature When you reject nature