1. A

    Looksmax Please analyze my plan to looksmax (MSE + IMDO + Lefort 1 + Bimax)

    Hi Everyone, I am 5.9" 27 male in need of your valuable advice. Based on my research going through this website and other online resources, I am in the process to get the following procedures: 1 - MSE preferably with 10-12mm expansion (my current IMW is 32mm) 2 - Braces on maxilla to close the...
  2. O

    24M, how I look?

    Would accept any tips for looksmaxing
  3. livrose

    Story dear chad wannabe worshipping mfs

    ok i’m just going to say this soooo many of u are obsessed with being all masculine with muscles and tall when in reality we females find pale skinny mfs who look like they just woke up from the dead wayyyy hotter than ur typical “chads”. xoxox - ur cringey wannabe emo incel