1. M

    Why do Korean men literally pay money to destroy chad traits?

    Seems to poke a lot of holes in many lookism theories (i.e sexual dimorphism being everything). Asians in general seem to despise masculine features in men, and Westerners are becoming the same way (TikTok fag face fever). 2021 has never been a better time to look weak and feminine.
  2. N

    Justin Bieber here is the prettiest boy who's ever lived. Looking like this isn't even real life anymore

    This was in person at a sit-down show. Literal facial perfection. I have never seen a boy, man or even a girl prettier than this boy.... His features are so perfect, his harmony and alignment. The hair, the eyes, the nose, the ears, the chin, the skin, the plump full lips and cheeks..... the...
  3. livrose

    Story dear chad wannabe worshipping mfs

    ok i’m just going to say this soooo many of u are obsessed with being all masculine with muscles and tall when in reality we females find pale skinny mfs who look like they just woke up from the dead wayyyy hotter than ur typical “chads”. xoxox - ur cringey wannabe emo incel
  4. livrose

    what do you all think of ben shapiro

    since some of u have been getting a bit political on this XD
  5. livrose

    best hair color

    what is the most pretty hair color in your opinion for men and women
  6. livrose

    Looksmax what country do you think has the most beautiful people

  7. livrose

    Black Pill does anyone have a god complex

    since this is literally a looks forum i’m wondering lol
  8. FACEandDnB

    Rate This candid pic of me browsing MVP's posts

    Lol totally didn't realise one of my girlfriends was behind me when this photo was taken. Was busy analysing the beauty of MVP's literature. Anyways, while we're at it, rate my frame will you?
  9. brocode

    See, I've been telling you guys Jordan Barrett is an active user of this forum [EVERYONE GTFIH]

  10. I

    Im new here

    Hi, Im new here. I made this account because I noticed many things that make a person attractive/unattractive and would like to add them to threads I see. I first started looking at this site because I grew interest in what makes a person model tier attractive because of a friend who easily...
  11. pretty_boy

    Red Pill Ranked list of lookism mods in terms of post-quality [2020 edition]

    Bear in mind all mods are decent posters and good at moderating, but on LOOKISM.NET After Hours we like to have fun. Starting from the bottom (lowest post quality), we have: TheLiechtensteiner: doesn't post much, just gives blue pilled advice. probably the one who pins all the bad threads...
  12. L

    lookism tinychat

    lookism tinychat
  13. pretty_boy

    a tip one of the best lawyers in my city gave me

    when in doubt whip it out