leg lenghtening

  1. Kyff

    News The Extreme Lengths To Grow Taller: Limb-Lengthening Surgery In India

    New short docu on limb lengthening in India for those who are interested. Kek at the bluepilled top comments. :biden:
  2. D

    Looksmax Leg Lengthening Surgery with Precice Stryde - worth it?

    I have a decent face and a decent body, but I'm 5'6". Even by claiming to be 5'7" and wearing lifts, I still get rejected due to my height on dating apps and IRL, and I've always felt like everyone around me is taller. I've also noticed that I get ignored more frequently than others even in...
  3. milkforthekhorneflakes

    Looksmax Guys, I need your help in convincing my gen x father about the height problem

    I need some advice on convincing him about the dating situation as of the current 2020. Context: I'm a 5'7 guy and I'm planning to get a leg-lengthening surgery done in the future with my own money. I know it's expensive and I'll save up for it. I also know I'll only be 5'9 at best, which is...