1. B

    Can anyone morph me with fillers?

    I've been given morphs from here before for a bimax but I want to know if anyone can morph me with fillers, bascially they would be fat grafts to my mid face and upper maxilla and zygote area but my lower third and jaw would stay the same. I'm looking into this because I've been getting...
  2. B

    Arnette Gunson results

    I'm getting a consult with arnette gunson in July and I've been looking at some of their work. My concern is that some of the results while good on the jaw seem underwhelming, or rather the subject still looks ugly in the after even though they are improved. Could anyone give me my odds of...
  3. N

    Rate my cephalometric imaging

    I recently had a consultation with a maxfac at Walter Reed regarding bimax surgery. I have been consulting with overseas surgeons but I decided to at least attempt to get the military to do the surgery instead of paying out of pocket. The staff at Walter Reed were outstanding and after taking...
  4. chintuck22


    1. Implants * 2. Getting hair transplant * 3. Buccal fat removal * 4. MSE (Along with sarpe, marpe and any other shit) * 5. IMDO * 6. Zygomatic sandwich osteotomy * 7. bilateral orbital expansion * 8. Fillers 9. Orbital decompression 10. Canthoplasty 11...