1. God of Teens

    GTFIH I just figured out how to get Jewish Neurotransmitters

    What do Drake and all those who succeed in Canada have in common? They have the magical jewish neurotransmitters See, all Jewish men have this thing in common Their brains have pure unadultered concentration. Be it Meeks for taking over the PSL Game You gotta admit Drake took over Canada...
  2. PorkiChincelAspie

    Red Pill Is PSL a cope?(Pokimane)

    Someone fucking explain to me,,,,, why tf is pokimane still good looking despite having a retruded maxilla, jew/downturned nose, and severe lip incompetence making her chin look recessed as shit???????? Slight mandibular recession can be given a pass if one has a concave philtrum(females), but...
  3. A

    What makes the JEWS so EAGER to spend SHEKELS daily on BIG BLACK COCKS?

  4. S

    god, it feels good to be on the winning side of history

    reading crying posts about straight white men losing their advantage of society :niro: x100