jeremy meeks

  1. CrackIsBetterThanDHT

    Terachad / Rihanna trait - You're high IQ & are ready to have kids by 17 or earlier without caring to think over the logistics (EXPLANATION INSIDE)

    Imagine being so ugly, so cucked, so low IQ and so beta with every undesirable possible trait that you take the time to work out the logistics of getting off birth control / convincing ur gf to get of birth control for the sake of trying to have one kid because you know subconsciously that...
  2. CrackIsBetterThanDHT

    How much it costs to live my lifestyle (Meeks tier)

    Designer Clothes I buy them fake and always have so I save 95%. Could save more if I was a low IQ sperg and mass-bought the clothes rather than pay exorbitant taobao agent shipping prices $20 / month on average (Just bought something for $50 shipping included that is normally $1,250 I will buy...