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    Does a Lefort 1/Maxillary advancement DJS make your midface look smaller as well?

    Does the advancement of the maxilla in a Lefort 1 and a rhinoplasty make the midface appear smaller? And more pushed upwards? Instead of flat and long? Maybe the lower jaw advancing as the upper advances also helps give off the illusion of a smaller midface? The nose coming forward as well?
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    Advice on jaw implants

    So I’ve been sitting here thinking about something. The morph I’ve had that people think is super hot is basically a perfectly lit image of my face with better jawline and obviously eyes. Would it be worth it for me to focus on a dr Taban visit for eyes and wrap around jaw implants rather than...
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    Looksmax Filler treatment in the UK

    @CJ the Ascender Great ascension, curious where you get your fillers in the UK? I have similar problems to what you had originally so I'm hoping I can get similar results. The only male results with big transformations I've seen are from Zack Ally, but a lot of them look unnatural due to...
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    Rate my jaw side view

    I’ve already been told about my maxilla but I genuinely believe my jaw is actually sub tier as well. I’ve had users say my jaw was decent or good. It when doing chin tuck it looks cuck like and horrid. Am I coping to think I’ve got an even decent jaw or is chin tuck showing me a truth I’m in...
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    Looksmax Thinking about getting Jaw-Fillers - Good idea?

    Hey, I'm pretty new to the topic looksmax, just found this forum by accident. I'm thinking about getting Jaw-Fillers. Do you think it can help to better my looks? Here's a picture of the side profile:
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    Looksmax 27 male max fac turning me down for lefort

    I went to a max fac the other day and he told me I’m not a candidate for Lefort 1. He recommended malar implants or grafts which is the same advice I’ve been getting from multiple plastic surgeons. He also took X-rays and another max fac that I had previously went to changed his mind and said...
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    End of my rope here

    I’ve posted here before I took some advice to start loosing weight and lost about 15 lbs since November. I wanna know what I should or could improve. I’ve been told bimax is the best option but insurance isn’t going to cover it. I’ve been thinking about cheek implants or fat grays to give...
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    28 male jaw surgery not happening

    Gonna just get to the point. My insurance got cut. Can’t get the jaw surgery without it. Recessed maxilla fucking up my whole face and I don’t know what my other options are. Pics below tell me if there’s anything else I can do. Also in b4 lose weight cuz I’m on a caloric deficit and am going...
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    1. Implants * 2. Getting hair transplant * 3. Buccal fat removal * 4. MSE (Along with sarpe, marpe and any other shit) * 5. IMDO * 6. Zygomatic sandwich osteotomy * 7. bilateral orbital expansion * 8. Fillers 9. Orbital decompression 10. Canthoplasty 11...
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    Double jaw surgery need advice

    I’ve posted here before. Latest update is that I’ve got insurance ready for the MMA double jaw surgery it will take a while for everything to set up but I’m supposed to get scans and start the process next Monday. I’m worried about getting cold feet about the whole thing. I need advice on...
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    Custom Jaw Implant instead of double jaw surgery?

    Hi so I hate my side profile and I am wondering instead of going through tan expensive and difficult double jaw surgery if a custom jaw implant would work instead? Thanks
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    what is the masculine chin proportions in details with an example of a model or any chad

    what is the masculine chin proportions in details