its over

  1. Anstrum

    Black Pill I have finally fully accepted that I am utter subhuman

    My beardline is meme tier one eye bigger than the other framecel mega simp Purple skin under eyes Freckles ethnic alien looks etc etc... The dissappointment is truly captured here How can I cope
  2. pretty_boy

    News the ban out 2020

    has only just begun :giggle:
  3. Ares

    Black Pill Chad Jr. Vs Incel Jr.: It all goes back to Childhood

    If only you had a spine and balls as kid, how different things would've been eh?
  4. Anstrum

    LOL The most brutal avi that cracks me up

    everytime I see @AmbalasBacia avatar I cage because of the blackpilled comments he deliver in big font, and he always has a message that it is over for you. His avatars expression says it all that he had the worst luck, bloatmaxxed, balding, most likely cucked by wife and now he got testicular...
  5. CCX

    LOL this woman T mogs the average male

    banderas shit I discovered randomly, 5'11 and German?
  6. PureVirgin

    LOL This funny blackpilled meme i made

    :goodfellas: :banderas: (y)
  7. ullzzangincel

    Black Pill Female tinder experiment in my hometown [warning extreme suicide fuel]

    200 likes in 5 minutes. Jfl imagine being a female. :cage2:
  8. Limbo

    LOL yo what has the lookism discord come to (PART 2)

    IN B4 SIN BRUTALLY DELETES THIS THREAD (FATE OF THE LAST THREAD) mass vc = GIGA NT MOGS YOU Fucking 50 people all typing in chat from (all from freedom server) If I joined this server with no knowledge of lookism (like many of the peole typing in the chat rn) I would legit think it was any run...