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    BBC Jewish men prefer old balding african men with thick horse sized black dicks

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    Black Pill 2 BBCs make a wolflike Mate Call to attract near JEWS at Walmart

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    Black Pill Is it true that 22:00 PM is BBC time in Israel?

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    How much time can JEWS survive without the company and affection of a BIG BLACK COCK?

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    Why do JEWS eat BIG BLACK COCKS instead of bananas?

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    News JEWISH community stands in solidarity with BIG BLACK COCK Lives Matter in London

    More than 150 British Jews protested in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Demonstrators’ placards referenced Jewish texts, ranging from Torah to Pirkei Avot and the Talmud. Cllr Sara Conway (Lab, Burnt Oak) said: “Thanks to all the young...
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    Black Pill BBClovingJEWS mad at being blamed for massacring Palestinians by BELGIANS

    A Belgian state broadcaster claimed in a Holocaust documentary that Jews repeatedly “massacred” and “systematically” displaced Palestinians. The claim was aired on May 26 in a voiceover narration in the fifth episode of the Dutch-language television documentary series titled “Children of the...
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    Black Pill it's BLACK and comes from AFRICA and JEWS love it.

    Why JEWS give LITERALLY their lives for it? (5 pts) a) JEWS have anatomically suitable anus for BBCs b) JEWS maximum source of dopamine is having contact with NEGROS c) All JEWISH men are gays from birth d) All JEWISH men secretly want to get Nobel Prize with an amazing BBC breakthrough e)...
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    Do JEWS think of Black Pudding whenever they eat BIG BLACK COCKS in family?

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    Black Pill Why are JEWS so avid to eat BIG BLACK COCK FALAFELS?