1. IlllIlI

    Slayer Rate young tyson fury

    before norwood reaper and mental illness struck. six foot nine heavyweight future world champion with bad boy appeal.
  2. dasani

    have you ever sent an unsolicited dick pic?

    i bet some of u were desperate enough to try it i have sent them but not unsolicited
  3. livrose


    anyone else feel like this sometimes xD -_-
  4. slater

    if u ever used the thread tag feature kill yourself

    thread title=thread content
  5. B

    What tf is wrong with me 27 male

    it’s been a couple weeks since I posted last. Took a lot of the advice to heart and still working on getting the double jaw operation going. I just feel like I’m a decent looking ugly guy that could be legit good looking if I made one tweak to my face. I’m being told it’s maxilla but I’m...
  6. Munificent

    Theory Having old parents (Long)

    Disclaimer- this does not apply to everyone here, and there are many examples of outliers, but I believe it to be relevant enough to be written about. I admit some of this could be 'cope' but I am not contradicting looks theory- some of the problems listed could be bypassed by having good looks...
  7. Utter_Reject

    never began for u incels

    never began for u incels