incel trait

  1. Anstrum

    LOL I cannot stop not putting Tom & Jerry stuff to the posts

    They give posts character and are cute :undisputedcry:
  2. zombie

    Black Pill Incel trait: doing ANYTHING that is not having sex with attractive women

    Playing board games? Incel trait Dancing? Incel trait Watching sports? Incel trait Watching movies? Incel trait Playing games? Incel trait Going for a walk? Incel trait Playing an instrument? Incel trait Falling in love? Incel trait Studying? Incel trait Running? Incel trait Swimming? Incel...
  3. pretty_boy

    subhuman trait

    liking every reply to your thread
  4. D

    Rage Incel Trait: Having pectus excavatum

    I have mild pectus excavatum and i fucking hate it because it makes my body look like shit from the side, it makes me look like i have anterior pelvic tilt even though my posture is perfectly fine :redstomper::redstomper: It looks like I have a crater in my chest... :what: I dont even want to...
  5. D

    Aspie When the coping is too strong