incel give up

  1. S

    News Trucel Discord Server

    Hello fellow buddy boyos join my truecel discord servers so that we can collectively rot . it's only for true sufferers and truecels must be below 3 PSL *******************Ed4q4TPSPT
  2. Deluded Normie

    Rage Incel Trait: Having pectus excavatum

    I have mild pectus excavatum and i fucking hate it because it makes my body look like shit from the side, it makes me look like i have anterior pelvic tilt even though my posture is perfectly fine :redstomper::redstomper: It looks like I have a crater in my chest... :what: I dont even want to...
  3. Utter_Reject

    Aspie Were you always an outcast?

    Were u a reject outcast failure with no friends growing up and now?
  4. Utter_Reject

    incel give up

    incel give up
  5. Utter_Reject

    incel give up

    incel give up