1. Oenz

    What is your race?

    I Love learning demographics and how society works. So Lets do this poll
  2. Kyff

    Rate HAPA science: Rate this very forward grown hapa that still looks like a woman.

    Hapas are such a rare breed, the female versions can look very hot and attractive but their male counterparts are often uncanny valley tier. See exhibit A white brazillian-korean mixed hapa that has a very forward grown face (ante) but still looks extremely feminine. What would his psl be...
  3. ullzzangincel

    Rate Does this woman looksmatch me?

    @Mr Game and Watch
  4. ullzzangincel

    Theory Eurasian women find me the most attractive

    All the women that compliment me on my looks the most are eurasians. I am starting to see a clear pattern. Recently a very attractive eurasian woman wants to meet me as well. @Bojack @swaggyp1 Truthfully I would prefer a traditional eurasian woman over a pure asian woman. I need to HAPA maxx tbh.
  5. ullzzangincel

    Ethnic Im talking to a really attractive woman

    Too bad she lives in turkemenistan lmfao. She is extremely good looking and looks exactly like a famous chinese idol. We are going to meet in istanbul when the virus lets up possibly. There is one slight problem. Her home city is literally fake, almost no one lives there and the whole place is...
  6. ullzzangincel

    Rate this traditional plov [asian]

    Insanely filling and high calorie. Lots of fat and healthy carbs and vegetables. @WhiskeyCocaine @Saul96 @PunchFace @sin I am going to get fucking HUGE eating this regurarly.
  7. ullzzangincel

    Rate weiwuer "beauty"

    LMFAO @Haakon Here are your uyghur "beauties". Literally just a bunch of average asian and slightly hapa girls. No better or worse than the pure chinese. Average hanzu girl from chengdu. I am not even cherry picking.
  8. ullzzangincel

    Rate The type of white women I find attractive