1. I

    What matters more? Hair or Body?

  2. M

    News natural cure to hairloss. Sock and Beanie method gtfih.

    Had to go on my alt for this one. The cause of hair loss is quite literally mechanical stress in the scalp. The theory that head shape is responsible for hairloss is starting to gain ground and we need to push for this. This scalp tension diagram directly matches with the typical male pattern...
  3. Jasons

    If you use product on your hair you have to scrub or brush your scalp regularly

    I use a medium firm paste in my hair on a daily basis and tbh I never really thought about it building up on my scalp. I've been washing my hair less over the last few months because I got worried that I was washing it too often. Over the summer I've been shedding like crazy. Like when I run my...
  4. R

    Looksmax Guide to getting Dut/Fin for American HairMAXING

    Decided to make this thread since many doctors won't even prescribe dut/fin or the prices are insane. I was sick and tired of being relegated to hair loss since most doctors won't even think of a prescription until you're at NW3. Also, my insurance wouldn't cover Dut unless I was going to...