1. anonymousloser

    i could have fucked so many girls

    oh well :itis:
  2. B


    I usually post about nomad advice and stuff but today i wanna know your thoughts on a confusing situation. I by all means am average or below looking and yet I’ve been treated like at least a basically good looking guy. So I wanted some thoughts on how this is possible not bragging just...
  3. H

    Asian women eg Chinese women are ugly, disgusting, overrated creatures

    Everytime I go somewhere (in Europe) for travel, I always see some ugly Asian/ Chinese women in pairs or in swarms, and I am talking about EVERYWHERE, including most cities in Italy, Spain, UK, France etc. Their faces are flat and look like an ugly shapeless blob, their eyes are slitty, swollen...
  4. pretty_boy

    What is the true meaning of an HQNP women?

    And do they exist? I usually just define them as a good looking girl who doesn't have lots of sex, party, etc.