1. thecel

    Black Pill The Incel Life & The Chad Life (Most Blackpilled Video Ever)

  2. Max Hardcore

    ORB is an UNMOGGABLE Final Fantasy Character

    I can finally understand why Undisputed was on the verge of eating his own faeces after taking the ORB pill..This man is a real life Final Fantasy protagonist. JUST LOOK AT THIS!! It's an utter disgrace that users here will talk about this Chad and that Chad, when a God who mogs all of...
  3. crisicksnonfraudintwinbro

    Slayer No I don't fraud my pics incels

    I just happen to look THAT good, and the funniest part is all girls I've met from tinder have told me I look much more handsome in person
  4. Anstrum

    Slayer Mirin @schizo take your meds dark triad psycho chad behaviour

    @schizo take your meds this is how I imagine you having a normal day. Mirin
  5. AsianAlphaBro

    Slayer Inferior Subhuman Manlet Gook ascends to have 100k+ IG followers thirsting over him. You have no excuse
  6. Anstrum

    Slayer Chad is coming to mog you

  7. Anstrum

    Slayer Biggest mediterranean king chad on this forum

    :bean: Dark triad manipulative thicknecked tall wide framed nordwood0 long term strategist harem collector psychopath high testosterone jailbaitslayer mediterranean dark lookz robust gigachad Little is known about this mysterious chad user, but what we know now is confirming that "he is...