1. thecel

    Black Pill The Importance of Making Female Friends

    This is Female Friendship Video #1. Female Friendship Video #2 is coming soon, and it’s about faking homosexuality in order to obtain social interaction with females.
  2. Ty Lee

    Why is not participating in PRIDE?

    where's the rainbow theme? where's the LGBT user-group? @The_Coordinate
  3. A

    Black Pill Why do JEWS confuse MAYONNAISE with WEST AFRICAN SEMEN?

  4. pretty_boy

    LOL worst avi on the site

  5. pretty_boy

    I decided to take @poontang off ignore

    :jordan: first thing I see when I refresh shitty advice is his worthless thread about corona, pinned. back on ignore you go, let's see if u improve after 3 weeks. you're not worthy enough to be on my feed.