1. benchpress120kg

    ban indians

  2. benchpress120kg

    you dumb fuck

    i made you a proposal for a subforum for thread generals that ill moderate and make this forum a better place for discussion yet you descisded to put a fucking introduction section fuck you
  3. benchpress120kg

    i have zero interest in real life

    money im also have some land bought dfor like 10k euro where ill start my amish commune
  4. benchpress120kg

    are there a lot of homosexuals in prison

    im probably gonna spend some time in the pen for some time once in my lifetime due to tax evasion so answer
  5. benchpress120kg

    alright lets analyze the staff team

    6ft4 Moderator Messages 319 Reputation 162 Points 113 irish cuckmouthed bouncer FittedCaps+Xanax Criminal Insane Messages 2,787 Reputation 440 Points 183 cant string a normal sentence Lookism.NET Administrator Messages 0 Reputation 0 Points 0 ? Miss Click Moderator...
  6. benchpress120kg

    make couple of generals and sticky them on the top

    just do it
  7. benchpress120kg

    I'm sick of idiotic threads getting 4+ pages.

    - the argentinian goblin getting 4 pages for kissing a female in high school - ted kaczinsky avi posting some retarded sequence with factorials
  8. benchpress120kg

    What's the point of thread tags when you can't do thread tag related searches?

    What's the point of tags when you can't do tag related searches?
  9. benchpress120kg

    Posts from the OP should not count and threads shouldn't get bumped after an OP post.

    Please fix this, threads with 10 posts and 10 unique posters are getting dumpstered by OP bumpers.