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    Blue Pill What is your current phone wallpaper?

    Here is mine :blush:
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    Afghan girl

    i love her :love: :love: :love: what about you, guys? :green:
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    Blue Pill i can't live without afghan girl ;(

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    Blue Pill who wants to be my new forum-oneitis?

    taking applications itt, convince me that you're the ONE who deserves my love :love: p.s. male/female - doesn't matter
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    Blue Pill it's over, no more forum-oneitis

    no more forum-oneitis thanks for everyone who supported me: @poontang @WhosYourDaddy @Userr @Fortnite kid @Slut @Anstrum @tehnoslav @straightcel_l @Intergalactic_Goth @goron black @Francesca Moors @TheMewingBBC @brocode etc sry if forgot anyone :green:
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    Rate Rate my forum-oneitis tbh

    I personally think she is a 10 :blush: