1. Munificent

    News I have lied to you all- I've had multiple LTRs.

    It's time to uncover my secrets. I've been pretending to be, well... incel, on this site. Nothing could be further from the truth. While I have values to uphold, and could hardly call myself a slayer, I've had 3 LTRs (1st about 5 PSL, second and third 6 PSL at least- all high quality and high...
  2. Intergalactic_Goth

    Aspie An ~Intergalactic_Apology~,,,,

    @BEBE ,,,, I am,,, ~Aware~ You are not currently online,,, However,,, There is,,, Something I must.... Remove from MI,,, ~Intergalactic_Chest~ I Sorrii :{ ,,,,
  3. B

    News I'm so sorry

    I can't take it anymore, I feel disgusting, the guilt is eating me alive. I was led by my emotions, I didn't know what i was doing. @AsymmetryIsDeath @averyfriendlydoctor I am so sorry for that thread and for putting...