1. Shitpoaster


    Because of baldies fearmongering online and claiming they became impotent & depressed from taking fin. I didn't even consider it as a viable solution to stop my hair loss. Now I am 24 and started taking fin + Minox 3 months ago, and I got no side effects whatsoever. All I got was thicker hair...
  2. Anstrum

    LOL Baldcel using fin and getting superpowers

  3. R

    Blue Pill #MeTooPropecia

    Failed fin users have decided to cope-post on social media. :lmfao: What's the name of a male Karen for crying about an informed consent clinic doing there job and referring them to their actual doctor? I'm calling them Norwood Norberts for now on. You...
  4. Z

    Hair or being intimidating?

    I am 20 years old and, since I was a teenager, I have had signs of high testosterone and DHT. Many body hairs, extremely broad shoulders, defined jaw and hunter's eyes, in addition to having a good height (182). I have already received many compliments from unknown people and many women...
  5. R

    Looksmax Guide to getting Dut/Fin for American HairMAXING

    Decided to make this thread since many doctors won't even prescribe dut/fin or the prices are insane. I was sick and tired of being relegated to hair loss since most doctors won't even think of a prescription until you're at NW3. Also, my insurance wouldn't cover Dut unless I was going to...
  6. NuclearBrain

    Story My experiences taking finasteride for 4 months (might be helpful to view this thread if you are thinking of taking it)

    First off, if you are in the UK and want to try it out you can get it on a website called "Dr Fox", its much cheaper than buying it on superdrug so i would highly recommend going there. It gets delivered to your door so you dont need to go up to any shops and shit. I bought 6 months worth...