facial masculinization

  1. Rabidcurry

    Looksmax My experience on bone-smashing, legit but not really

    I decided to give bone-smashing a try. Name is new, but the concept itself was not entirely foreign to me tbh. I regularly banged my forehead on my classroom desk as a kid for no apparent reason other than it felt good or I was bored. I don't rlly have a massive forehead or smth because of it...
  2. R

    Looksmax Need help identifying how Kybella can improve my facial fat @Surgeymax

    Hello so after reading @Surgerymax ’s guide Addressing Facial Fat and Defining Fat Pads and Regions: https://lookism.net/threads/addressing-facial-fat-and-defining-fat-pads-and-regions.397277/ I have decided to get Kybella to address my overly full midface. The medspa I’d be going to is...