1. H

    Do I have ptosis?

    Most prominent in the morning(when I'm tired): But evenings or at other times of the day it doesn't look as bad: * Also, the right eye (from my POV), sometimes has more pronounced eyebags.
  2. Nochills

    Decent hunter eyes?

    Not a satire post. Used to be super insecure about my eyes and would raise my brows cuz I thought it looked better. Intrigued to know what you guys think now that I know about “hunter eyes” Let me know if the pics don’t work.
  3. C

    How do I fix my fkin bambi eyes?

    Yo guys, I hate my eyes. Unmanly and unattractive. What kind of surgery would fix this? Almond? Or should I go for Botox?
  4. brocode

    Black Pill Lemon Water Diet for Lighter Eyes Seems legit (With explanation on why)

    So I originally this posted it on this thread but I wanted more people to see it so I'm making this thread: https://lookism.net/threads/lemon-water-alkali-diet-for-lighter-eyes.520131/ Here's my understanding from all this. You have Lemon, which is of course Acidic (has citric acid). Now all...