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  1. D

    Rate my eye area

  2. auxlea

    Black Pill Rate mogger Eyebrows: (6'1 160)

  3. auxlea

    What makes The Garden Band's Twins hot?

    The Garden is an American experimental rock band from Orange County, California, formed in 2011 by identical twin brothers Wyatt and Fletcher Shears. If you check any of their Youtube videos, their comment section has thousands of people mirin their face. What is carrying their features...
  4. auxlea

    Does eyelid speed(blink) play a factor in aesthetics?

    Something I noticed in men with superior eye area, it almost feels like you can witness their blink in slow motion with enough time to witness it. Here's an example: Easily able to tell when they are blinking and it seems like it's slow enough for you to admire it with both O Pry & Nessman...
  5. C

    How do I fix my fkin bambi eyes?

    Yo guys, I hate my eyes. Unmanly and unattractive. What kind of surgery would fix this? Almond? Or should I go for Botox?
  6. B

    I wanna smash my face with a hammer

    I can't stand the flaws anymore. I thought I would be happy just waiting and then going up in points after jaw surgery but right now I think even that is hopeless. I'm getting feedback that my eye area sucks now and that there's no way to fix it. I didn't have any insecurity about my looks...
  7. B

    Orbital Rim Implants

    I got told that I should look into getting orbital implants after my upcoming jaw surgery. I wanted some thoughts on whether it would be worth it, what i should look or ask a plastic surgeon about. Pics below thanks
  8. B

    Rate me lost some weight update on jaw operation male 28

    Been a couple weeks since I last was here. I’m waiting on insurance and shit for operation but it looks good so far. I cut soda out of my diet and I’ve lost some bloat and fat. Still don’t think I’m that different looking but I wanna know what you guys think. Also how much can a maxilla...
  9. B

    27 male rate my shitty clean shaven looks

    So I’ve posted before. Still trying to get it together for the MMA surgery working a lot and been really busy. Below are my newest pics, shave haircut and shit. I’m looking for advice on what would make me severely better looking like chadlite or higher and if that’s even possible, I go back...
  10. Change

    Looksmax Eye Area / dark circles: Canthopexy OR Implant (custom, orbital)?

    Hi Regarding Eye area My concern are the ‘eye rings’ / ‘dark areas’ / ‘hole’ under the eyes. I guess the ‘main procedure’ against this is ‘Canthopexy’. As I understood it they basically remove a little bit of skin there, everything is ‘tighter’ and ‘less of a hole’ What I also planned...