1. I

    Ethnic when blonde girl meets asian twins

  2. 2psl Bald Subhuman

    Rate Rate me

    22 yo norwood 6 I would assume 3-4/10 or 2-3psl is that accurate? Also what are my falios facially other than obvious Balding and bloat? One last thing I hear this forum has women tag them please for a rating
  3. Anstrum

    Ethnic Can I pass as a white in this photo?

    Or am I still ethnic because english is not my first language? @Quemirasman @thickneckedslayer
  4. Mr Game and Watch

    Rate North African/Magrebi beauties

    the hottest dark women on the planet. on par with nordic and slavic hoes easily They are very cute and sexy indeed. :itis: @barbie @SonOfTyrone @RealHumanBeing @hbbx1997 starts around 10 minutes in
  5. Seppukucel

    Black Pill The reason why even normies try to exclude ethnics and oldcels from height averages

    They don't consider them human point blank. Muh young white guys are all that matter.
  6. Josh

    Ethnics will never understand vague cultural references in the english language

    brutal ethnic pill
  7. love=everything

    Theres a group of ethnics hanging out like near my window area

    theyre like mid eastrn or indian. What should I do?!