1. Michael Cera

    News Documentary time! Dying Alone: Kodokushi, Japan's epidemic of isolation through the eyes of a 'lonely death' cleaner

    TL;DW Redp pill moment for you to reflect about your life and choices. Lonely deaths, or kodokoshi, are on the rise in Japan. Thousands of elderly people die in their homes without anyone knowing. Sometimes corpses remain undiscovered for weeks or even months, so companies devoted to cleaning up...
  2. Michael Cera

    News Documentary time! Meet Jho Low, IQ businessman who defrauded his whole country for US$4.5 billion

    TL;DR/DW: Don't let his mere appearance fool you. He had big connections, lived a high profile, lush lifestyle with the money he stole. By the time the authorities caught up to him, he had already fled and bought different passports unbeknownst to them and to this day nobody knows where he his.