1. DHT made me Muslim

    Got back on snorting DHT again and HOLY FUCK

    @Preference @DHT I said enough is enough of being basically almost invisible to prime females which I knew was due to hormones and not looks because I'm a mogger I ordered DHT powder from here (shoutout @DHTOdor) DHT Powder When you snort it, it basically goes straight to your brain and then...
  2. God of Teens

    GTFIH I just figured out how to get Jewish Neurotransmitters

    What do Drake and all those who succeed in Canada have in common? They have the magical jewish neurotransmitters See, all Jewish men have this thing in common Their brains have pure unadultered concentration. Be it Meeks for taking over the PSL Game You gotta admit Drake took over Canada...
  3. M

    News natural cure to hairloss. Sock and Beanie method gtfih.

    Had to go on my alt for this one. The cause of hair loss is quite literally mechanical stress in the scalp. The theory that head shape is responsible for hairloss is starting to gain ground and we need to push for this. This scalp tension diagram directly matches with the typical male pattern...
  4. NuclearBrain

    Story My experiences taking finasteride for 4 months (might be helpful to view this thread if you are thinking of taking it)

    First off, if you are in the UK and want to try it out you can get it on a website called "Dr Fox", its much cheaper than buying it on superdrug so i would highly recommend going there. It gets delivered to your door so you dont need to go up to any shops and shit. I bought 6 months worth...