dark triad

  1. V

    Aspie Dark triad is related to maturation, how my scary damaging breakup helped me

    From autistic oversensitive empathetic beta INFP SJW faggot bully victim to still autistic bad boy bully caused by revengemaxxing on my ex. Also low inhibit now. My depression has gone away and now i have my life together. But half of it was caused by hormones maturing my brain and some shit i...
  2. Anstrum

    Slayer Mirin @schizo take your meds dark triad psycho chad behaviour

    @schizo take your meds this is how I imagine you having a normal day. Mirin
  3. Anstrum

    Slayer The Larp is finally over

    Jfl :niro: I've had enough of this larping, I am not a virgin and 26 years old, am much younger and have several slays. I acquired some pics and clips of a dude I have contact with for money People have been calling me out on rot frauding for too long. I cannot larp anymore. I cannot...
  4. Luka Magnotta *

    News Meet Rodney Alcala: Serial killer, psychopath and photographer who has a collection of photos of mostly 70's Stacies.

    You may watch his documentary to get to the full story. He was a photographer, here is his collection of photos (these are censored and "clean", he had more but due to its graphic and explicit nature it was not published) https://www.flickr.com/photos/scpr/sets/72157623600695928/
  5. Anstrum

    LOL The reason why why Morph changed his name to Incell

    This was his avi before and his name was Morph I bullied him into changing his name because I was spamming this video in his oneitis threads @9000IQRebornWarlord
  6. Anstrum

    Rate Woke up recently rate my sleepy face eyes

    :orb: and then my eyes open after while and they look cucked again :undisputedcry:
  7. Anstrum

    News My power levels are increasing

  8. Anstrum

    Ethnic Can I pass as a white in this photo?

    Or am I still ethnic because english is not my first language? @Quemirasman @thickneckedslayer
  9. Anstrum

    Black Pill Shoebills are dark triad blackpilled

    Cage if you don't have the same mentality as shoebills Just sinister scheming plansmaxx and manipulatemaxx @9000IQRebornWarlord @thickneckedslayer
  10. Anstrum

    Slayer What I imagine thickneckedslayer to look like

    @thickneckedsIayer @thickneckedslayer His comments always are funny and he directs others to path of chaos and slayery :bean: Masculine,dark triad, thicknecked, scheming and dark lookz med chad here is what I pictured him looking like, has to be legit
  11. Ty Lee

    Slayer how to win any street fight

    grab both their hands/arms, or their shoulders then headbutt their head they will be fazed out, then you can punch them in the cheeckbones or something.
  12. Ty Lee

    Black Pill I've come to the simple realization that there's no trait more important to women than...

    being violent. it's a primitive and animalistic behavior that immediately exudes sexual attraction from any women. Charles Mason was a turbo manlet at 5ft2 but he had a harem of women because be was a serial killer. and don't give me that muh self defense or stocisim bs. you need to threaten...