1. auxlea

    Thoughts on JBC(Just Be Curry)Theory?

    A lot of these Deathnik men have peanut skill and Giga-recessed jaw, shitskin, shit eyearea. Most of you will tell all these sub3s to rope if they posted here, yet countless images of curries with 4-6s on the video. They're not even gym-maxxed IRL check?
  2. Kyff

    News The Extreme Lengths To Grow Taller: Limb-Lengthening Surgery In India

    New short docu on limb lengthening in India for those who are interested. Kek at the bluepilled top comments. :biden:
  3. J

    BBC The time of mayo colonizers is coming to an end....

    More and more dark looks short ugly ethnic moggers are's truly over for whitey @Anstrum Become shitskin or you will be left behind @reptiles bhai thoughts
  4. S

    Black Pill It's over for currycels in India!

    Most people think that western countries have the most incels as percent of their population , but India will overtake the west . For these following reasons . 1 ) The end to the practice of arranged marriages in urban India . Arranged marriages are viewed as archaic by many middle class urban...