1. pretty_boy

    what was the best thread of april 2020

    I cant find it
  2. pretty_boy

    Black Pill I spend 4 months creating a doc on the TRUTH BEHIND CORONA, and it got removed by YouTube

    and once i uploaded it on YouTube i deleted it off my computer to save space it's over. I will never be a whistle blower
  3. pretty_boy

    News Social Distancing to last 18 months in Canada to protect 2% of the pop. from infection god what a faggot. while other countries are easing up we're doubling down lmao.
  4. pretty_boy

    Red Pill Ranked list of lookism mods in terms of post-quality [2020 edition]

    Bear in mind all mods are decent posters and good at moderating, but on LOOKISM.NET After Hours we like to have fun. Starting from the bottom (lowest post quality), we have: TheLiechtensteiner: doesn't post much, just gives blue pilled advice. probably the one who pins all the bad threads...
  5. pretty_boy

    a tip one of the best lawyers in my city gave me

    when in doubt whip it out