1. R

    [Blue Pill] #MeTooPropecia

    Failed fin users have decided to cope-post on social media. https://twitter.com/MeTooPropecia :lmfao: What's the name of a male Karen for crying about an informed consent clinic doing there job and referring them to their actual doctor? I'm calling them Norwood Norberts for now on. You...
  2. Priminarch

    [LOL] Why I love cope reacts.

    Yes....yyyesss... give me the alerts...
  3. Status=everything

    [LOL] Tyler Maher frame(cel)

    :tatum: What a framecel
  4. goron black

    Normies are so delulded JFL

    They are all contemplating at this morph of Kim-Jong-Un saying how "handsome we would be" Imagine being so deluded and having a coping mecanism so strong you think a face 25% narrowwer and 30% smaller would look better on a male