1. Seppukucel

    Aspie Is being 5'6" REAAALLY a death sentence?

    I know most suggest it is, but say I cancelled my plan of getting LL and just facemaxxed and framemaxxed and became an almost 6 PSL curry. Is that good enough or will normies and tallfags "look down upon me" or will I get the respecc and SMV I deserve as the supreme gentleman with an extremely...
  2. S

    Theory Voicemaxxing with alcohol

    I heard about some people gurgling alcohol to fuck up their vocal cords to get a deeper voice. Anyone tried it and if so is it real or cope? I used to smoke a pack a cigs a day and it work but I smelled like shit. I plan on buying some rubbing alcohol and gurgling that every day. JFL I have a...
  3. BlackPill SamSam

    COPE tier list

    Hey guys, On my COPE tier list I currently have : Money, Video games, Gymcels, Light surgery, Heavy surgery, Religion Any others ideas of how ugly dudes cope with inceldom?
  4. R

    Blue Pill #MeTooPropecia

    Failed fin users have decided to cope-post on social media. :lmfao: What's the name of a male Karen for crying about an informed consent clinic doing there job and referring them to their actual doctor? I'm calling them Norwood Norberts for now on. You...
  5. Priminarch

    LOL Why I love cope reacts.

    Yes....yyyesss... give me the alerts...
  6. Status=everything

    LOL Tyler Maher frame(cel)

    :tatum: What a framecel
  7. goron black

    Normies are so delulded JFL

    They are all contemplating at this morph of Kim-Jong-Un saying how "handsome we would be" Imagine being so deluded and having a coping mecanism so strong you think a face 25% narrowwer and 30% smaller would look better on a male