1. ullzzangincel

    Theory I am going to give up on dating, focus on studying and gym and see sex workers instead [asian]

    Going to get a part time job and make a budget along with my hefty allowance and create a healthy consumer relationship with a dedicated and skilled sex worker. @PunchFace @swaggyp1 @Chinesemenofexcellence Is this a good idea to make progress in life as a student?
  2. H

    Asian women eg Chinese women are ugly, disgusting, overrated creatures

    Everytime I go somewhere (in Europe) for travel, I always see some ugly Asian/ Chinese women in pairs or in swarms, and I am talking about EVERYWHERE, including most cities in Italy, Spain, UK, France etc. Their faces are flat and look like an ugly shapeless blob, their eyes are slitty, swollen...
  3. ullzzangincel

    Rate Imagine having a gf like this

    :wow3: @GaijinBabe @STDPeach