1. prettyboy_bieber

    If you reach slayer status through surgery, is it REAL? It's not natural so is the validation REAL?

    If you get surgeries and are fortunate enough to reach a point where you're a slayer, is it fulfilling? Wouldn't you always know in the back of your mind that you were an incel, or ugly before? That the real you is hideous? And everything is mainly a sham? Essentially, none of what you look...
  2. prettyboy_bieber

    The difference a beard makes!! Im hideous with a beard, I am shockingly hideous without one. PICS.

    ------ ------ PICTURE ON TOP IS WITH BEARD. ON BOTTOM WITHOUT BEARD (dont know why i felt the need to point this out? duh?) I am ugly with a beard, I am hideous without a beard. That is the difference. Brutal. all weakness is shown when the beard is erased. all weakness and...
  3. prettyboy_bieber

    Can I achieve this side profile? I want to look like Justin Bieber. PICS INCLUDED.

    Over here the way his lower jaw and chin cascades forward into his face is beautiful. It has such a nice shape. Over here the vertical length his chin has seems perfect, but theres also no maxillary excess. The ramus follows nicely and the nose looks great in relation. Over here, these images...
  4. N

    What surgeries should I get based on these pictures?

    I believe I'm moderately attractive (maybe like 6 out of 10), but I think I can make small tweaks in the looks department, so I'm starting to talk to surgeons. Y'all have ideas? Here is my prioritized list so far (with lots of relevant details): 1. Chin implant. I'm thinking a chin that is on...
  5. N

    [Lifefuel] Worst Chin/Jaw I Have Ever Seen (Lip-chin) Gains 3-4 PSL Points

    BiMax, mentoplasty + septoplasty Sure, you could argue he's still an incel after the surgery, but I would say this is lifeful for a lot of people considering the vast majority don't start with a jaw this severely recessed to the point where your fucking LIP is your chin (and he still got a...
  6. prettyboy_bieber

    The importance of Justin Biebers maxilla and chin.

    CASE A: This is Bieber in 2015 in a video: This is Bieber in 2020 in the exact same style of video: Throughout those 5 years, he had depression, lyme disease, and wisdom teeth extraction, also completely gave up on his looks. CASE B: This is Bieber in 2010: This is Bieber...
  7. prettyboy_bieber

    Does a Lefort 1/Maxillary advancement DJS make your midface look smaller as well?

    Does the advancement of the maxilla in a Lefort 1 and a rhinoplasty make the midface appear smaller? And more pushed upwards? Instead of flat and long? Maybe the lower jaw advancing as the upper advances also helps give off the illusion of a smaller midface? The nose coming forward as well?
  8. J

    Rate am i recessed ? rate my side profile 21 M

    just wanted to check if my jaw and chin are recessed or not
  9. Kyff


    I dont know if this is the right thread to post this in, sorry if it isnt. So a short introduction, Im 25 now and had orthodontics since I was 9 years old all the way up to 18. Then I still had an underbite so my dentist advised jaw surgery. I was 19 and had no idea about jaw surgeries, the...
  10. A

    what is the masculine chin proportions in details with an example of a model or any chad

    what is the masculine chin proportions in details
  11. A

    Can you post a individual with ideal chin