1. brocode

    Black Pill The Reason Why Chico has so much fan following.

    It's the way he walks. Man walks with such a huge confidence, even on the ramp, its insane. He smiles and moves forward like he owns the world. Watching O'Pry and Barrett on the ramp is like watching robots move. absolutely no expression and no "human". Sure, They might look better in stills...
  2. AgNaCl

    Final consensus on marquardt/golden ratio mask?

    What do you guys think of the marquardt/golden ratio mask, is it based or cringe? Is it a good idea to model your plastic surgery off this mask?
  3. compactfaces

    Will a 5'9 chico still mog taller guys?

    I am 16 and kind of look like chico but only about 5'9. Will I still mog taller guys?