1. Anstrum

    poor robust chang jaw mogger

    almost ceo of jawline tier :shock: This guy is poor, and looks like a slayer I would assume many users here would trade getting blinded in 1 eye in exchange for that jaw @ullzzangincel @Britcel is this a common sight in China or is it rare to see robust chang ?
  2. her

    Rate rate me, asian chang (oldcel but neotenous mogger)

    i know some of you may have bad experiences with me in the past, but i was just doing my job (mogging you) :devilish: so i don't want any biased cope ratings :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: girls regularly tell me i'm a 7 :inlove: related stats: height 5'6, penis 4x4, hands are small and...
  3. AsianAlphaBro

    Slayer Inferior Subhuman Manlet Gook ascends to have 100k+ IG followers thirsting over him. You have no excuse
  4. AsianAlphaBro

    35/M/Asian/true alpha Chad. The unstoppable dragon from the East is here.

    Will cuck all the toxic miscreant loser Western males (especially the Incel basement losers) on the downward path in a ton of areas including: -P4P strength and athleticism -beautiful physical aesthetics -wealth and income -IQ -real estate -education -superior, sound moral family and...
  5. Anstrum

    Slayer Animus is a dark triad low inhibition chang mogging machine and incel tormentor

    Animus/gonowhere/gunrun/ @losers put this music on before you start to read :bean: :bean: He is big, wide framed with dark lookz 1 2 He is an humble man with realistic views of himself 3 Holy shit, congratulations for making this far, the mogging is brutal just bare with this...
  6. A

    Rate RATE this Vietnamese man in the front.

    What is his PSL rating?
  7. brocode

    Slayer How many slays do you think this Chang has?

  8. brocode

    Rate Rate this new Chang I found