1. UmbraCityCivilianStalker

    News Just GTFIH: Blackpill l00kstheory on life support. "Woke" Youtuber debunks his own Chad theory and ironically proves Oofy Doofy theory.

    Southern Israelite (Drake Shelton), is a religious Youtuber that wanted to prove Chads are the ones getting the girls, but actually proves Oofy Doofy Law is real and doesn't even realize it. I don't think it's social engineering, I think girls are not interested in masculine dudes. This is why...
  2. Tryhard Mahcel

    VASECTOMYCEL John Cena is a low SMV man that got a vasectomy because he didn't want kids. Over for Chads, they are all low SMV!

    This is your typical "alpha" pigskin willing to cuck himself for his "career". Meanwhile deathinks are having kids. Him and his fugly tranny-faced square jaw deathnik ex-girlfriend Nikki Bella. She looks like a drag queen. This is the best Chad can do, get a vasectomy and then regret it like...