1. IlllIlI

    Slayer Rate young tyson fury

    before norwood reaper and mental illness struck. six foot nine heavyweight future world champion with bad boy appeal.
  2. D

    What's the most chad sport?

    which high school sport is the best at producing chads? definitely not basketball, soccer or volleyball. is american football or boxing good for your appearance? if you see before and after pictures of boys who played these sports there's a drastic difference

    LOL LOL the normies are catching on, There is a clothing line based around chad and tyrone. It truely is over :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  4. livrose

    Story dear chad wannabe worshipping mfs

    ok i’m just going to say this soooo many of u are obsessed with being all masculine with muscles and tall when in reality we females find pale skinny mfs who look like they just woke up from the dead wayyyy hotter than ur typical “chads”. xoxox - ur cringey wannabe emo incel
  5. slater

    if u ever used the thread tag feature kill yourself

    thread title=thread content
  6. B

    27 male rate my shitty clean shaven looks

    So I’ve posted before. Still trying to get it together for the MMA surgery working a lot and been really busy. Below are my newest pics, shave haircut and shit. I’m looking for advice on what would make me severely better looking like chadlite or higher and if that’s even possible, I go back...
  7. Ares

    Black Pill Chad Jr. Vs Incel Jr.: It all goes back to Childhood

    If only you had a spine and balls as kid, how different things would've been eh?
  8. B

    Morph experiment idea?

    So I’m still new with all this but I have any of you ever thought about doing anti morphs? Like take a good looking guy and morph his picture with different flaws. It would just be for fun or whatever. Also maybe would help people see Similarities between themselves and the ideals when you...
  9. whereisthef

    Rate this dude, he is 6'3''

  10. brocode

    Black Pill Does being low-inhib boost your T-Levels?

    We all know that High-T levels make us Low-Inhib. Is it still true vice-versa? Would being low-inhib in a way boost your T-Levels? If yes, Please quote some sources, I can't find shit online.