1. DemonLooks

    Rage Daily reminder that true love doesnt exist.

    Incel, You're better off just becoming gay at this point. You have learned the true nature of the female gender. :but1: Your entire life You've been fed lies. Truth be told its OVER. GET IT THROUGH YOUR 22 INCH MASSIVE SKULL! Even if You are indeed a chad, You done goofed bud .... You've...
  2. KneeSlayer

    Black Pill race has nothing to do with oppression, normies cant accept what really oppresses someone....

    they should be protesting for LOOKS and oppression in society (THEY SHOULDNT BE, BUT IM SAYING THIS BECAUSE THIS IS THE ONLY THING THAT CONTRIBUTES TO BEING OPPRESSED IN THE WAY PEOPLE THINK "MUH BLACKS" ARE OPPRESSED) so how can someone think a 6ft4 handsome jacked BBC will be more oppressed...
  3. compactfaces

    Can anyone mog guys like Shaq or Yao Ming?

    Shaquile O'Neal is about 7'2 and Yao Ming 7'6 so every male model will look like a child standing next to him. Just look at these pictures
  4. JuicyAnimeTitties

    Theory Actually I did read one word

    Although I say not one word, I consistently read precisely one word. :crying: