bone structure

  1. professorofbonetheory

    Tik Tok Bone vs Giga Chad (god)

    The change in what women consider attractive now is astronomical. Both are actors and roughly the same age. They would both be considered in the 9s by normies if a poll was conducted. Timothee is closer to an incel than he is to a chad. When comparing their ogee curves (most important aspect of...
  2. 9000peoplecalledmeugly

    Rage I realised how garbage-tier my bone structure is.

    (I don't care if you read this or not, I just needed to vent). Bloody hell I'm so boneless, I'm literally a fillet. My cheekbone area is so low and weak, and my buccal fat makes it look even worse when I turn my head to the side. When I smile my cheeks look okay but it gets tiring trying to...