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    News JEWISH community stands in solidarity with BIG BLACK COCK Lives Matter in London

    More than 150 British Jews protested in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement on Sunday in Hampstead Garden Suburb. Demonstrators’ placards referenced Jewish texts, ranging from Torah to Pirkei Avot and the Talmud. Cllr Sara Conway (Lab, Burnt Oak) said: “Thanks to all the young...
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    BBC Slave Trader's statue gets torn down and defiled by BLM protesters (UK)

    This is indeed a great thing
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    BBC Black Lives Matters Solidarity in Asia, Middle East, Europe, Latin America

    Made this as a post, but its so beautiful I think it deserves its own I hate this stupid SFcel myth so much of only Anglos and jewish media making people care about blacks. Social media has made the world global. Here are some protests and signs of solidarity across the world for BLM. This...
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    News It's absolutely horrible what's happening in the United States right now(Letter)

    I do not post here anymore but I feel I need to make a statement given the influence and position I have on this site So to anyone who doesn't know in the United States, black men killed by the police and them getting away with murder has been happening for a long time. Them not getting...